Pay Per Click (Paid Search) can be an extremely effective driver of leads and/or revenue. However, without expert management, it can run out of control and deliver negative ROI.

Proud to be An AdWords Certified Partner

AdWords campaigns above delivering return on ad spend of as high as 157. When expertly managed, strong returns are achievable.

Our Paid Search Service

Account Set Up / Keyword Research

We set up regular campaigns on Google & Bing/Yahoo including time-consuming keyword research.

Google & Bing Shopping

We have considerable expertise in managing Google & Bing Shopping accounts to deliver impressive ROAS.

Proprietary Bid Management Software

Our proprietary bid management software updates bids at the keyword and product (Google Shopping) level twice daily. Factors such as target ROAS, conversion rates and average sale determine core bids. Bid adjustment is then brought to bear to take account of factors like device & time of day. Bidding the right amount on the right keywords is crucial to PPC success and cannot be done manually at scale.

Conversion Optimisation

Pausing non-converting keywords / products is the easy option. We analyse the data, form an hypothesis and test it. We keep doing this until we understand why conversion rates are poor and identify solutions through ongoing testing and iteration. Our approach is to strive to turn loss making keywords profitable through a combination of bid management & conversion optimisation. We see driving targeted traffic as just the start of our job; we also take ownership of how the traffic behaves once on the site.

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