eMail marketing is perhaps one of the most effective online marketing channels due to the low cost and high conversion rates when well managed.

Personalisation / Segmentation

Successful email marketing is based on getting the right message to the right user at the right time. Blasting one size fits all messages will typically do more harm than good and drive unsubscribe rates rather than conversion rates.

Diligent list segmentation ensures that you can keep your mails relevant.

Email is the 4th highest revenue generator for this online retailer

eMail Automation

A well thought out email automation strategy can add great value to an organisation. Some examples of typical email automation campaigns are as follows:

Abandoned Cart emails

Users who add products to your cart but don’t convert can receive an automated email encouraging them to come back and complete the sale. Users can have the products in the cart, ready to check out and then get distracted and fail to complete the purchase. The automated email reminds them to come back and complete the sale.

Sample of email automation options open to an ecommerce website

“If This Then That” Rules

“If this then that” rules can be used to good effect in email marketing. For example, if a user buys a coffee machine, send an automated email recommending your range of coffee.

Customer Reactivation

Customers who haven’t bought from you in a prolonged period can be automatically sent a “we miss you” email perhaps with a discount code to reactivate the customer.

Timely emails

Being visible to your customers at key times can greatly increase sales. For example, payday emails sent on the last Friday of the month can engage users just as they receive their pay cheques and so are more disposed to making a purchase than earlier in the month.

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