Reach Your Target Market Cost Effectively

Benefit from a Celebrity Endorsement

Build Your Own Social Following

Avoid Ad Blocking Software

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is when a company partners with someone with a large social following, an influencer, to promote a product or service.

Users are becoming increasingly apathetic to online advertising and with the proliferation of ad blockers, reaching potential customers is a challenge. Influencer marketing is a useful tool to reach your target market and gain a celebrity endorsement at the same time.

Our Influencer Marketing Service

  • Identify most suitable influencers to reach your target market
  • Negotiate with the influencers to secure the best rate per hundred thousand followers
  • Audit followers to ensure authenticity
  • Work with you and the influencer to decide the nature of the promotion
  • Agree best time for go live
  • Reporting on ROI of the campaign
  • Repeat the process with a new influencer

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